1) Who was the Geneva High School Principal in 1994?
Craig Collins
Chuck Williams
Jerry Vitton
Paul Cheek
2) Which was the famed chant in our Geneva Pep Song?
“Shout it out! Fight, fight!”
“Boom! Shake-shake-shake the room!”

3) What was the name of the Office Supply Store located on West State Street in 1994?
Viking Office Supply
Bulldog Office Supply
Mascot Depot
4) Which classmate did *not* work at the corresponding fast food restaurant below:
McDonald’s: Josh Lobs
T.J.'s Hot Dogs: Shawn Wilson
Brown's Chicken: Joel Wehrenberg
Dairy Queen: George Drake

5) Who was our Homecoming Queen?
Julie Black
Julie Manna
Julie Kufta
Julie Rippi
6) What was our Senior Prom Theme?
These Are Days
Can You Feel the Love Tonight
End of the Road
Insane in the Brain